August 5, 2008

Adventures at IKEA

Last Saturday Carolyn and I made the trek to the urban oasis known as IKEA. You might be surprised to know that although we live in the biggest city in the world, there is not an IKEA that is particularly accessible for New Yorkers. There are locations on Long Island and New Jersey, with the newest location in far off Red Hook, Brooklyn. With some research, we found out that the Brooklyn location is the most readily accessible by public transportation (without taking a bus, where we would inevitably be decapitated). We took the subway to the free IKEA shuttle. It wasn't a bad trip at all, despite the fact that we got on the express train in the wrong direction on the way home.

The entire time we were there we were making jokes about the names of the furniture, saying we were going to buy a dingus, flergen and mohl... which may even be real products; I'm not sure. So, today I was poking around on the web for IKEA stuff and found the Swedish Furniture Name Generator from Check out my name... very inspired.

Another cool website I found was IKEA Hacker, a site that shows cool and unique ways people have transformed or re-purposed their standard furniture. Pretty neato.

This other cool site, QUIKEA, shows how to expertly navigate the maze of mock living rooms and lackadaisical wanderers when you are there just to get a specific item with no time to dilly dally. Great tips!

Any fun IKEA stories to share?