August 27, 2008

Recreate Your Horrible High School Photos

Just when I think that my tired little eyes have seen the entire content of the Internet, a new website comes across my screen and gives me new and exciting ways to waste precious minutes of my life. lets you upload a personal photo and then changes it in to an embarrassing yearbook photo of yesteryear. Simply upload a photo, choose male or female, rotate to fit the template and you're set! Sit back and relax as you flip through the pages while the site takes you on a magically horrifying journey through the decades; year-appropriate background music included. Check out some of my personal creations.

I will say that I look pretty good with those late 70s wavy locks... better take that into consideration before my next trip to the barber. I decided that posting these photos were more interesting than posting my actual yearbook photos, unless you care to look at 12 years of bowl cuts.

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