September 3, 2008

90210: Haven't I Seen This Before?

So, last night was the highly-anticipated premiere of the new version of 90210 on The CW. In case you didn't know, the network didn't send out any screener copies of the show to the press, so the first time anyone saw the show was for the premiere last night. Normally when they don't send out advanced copies of a show it's because it's either wildly unique and cool or it's so bad they don't want the bad press to overwhelm the show's debut. Unfortunately for 90210 I think the latter was the case.

Who are the students and who are the adults? I have no idea.

I'll be honest, I tried really hard to watch the entire show, but couldn't get past the first hour. I've also never seen a full episode of the original 90210 either, but as a major consumer of televised content I feel like I can offer my opinion. I think the show was a little hard to follow at points, the plot was glaringly predictable, and the actors were not believable for their parts. I mean how old are they actually supposed to be? The teenagers look 25, the teachers look 25, and the parents are barely 30 at the oldest. I feel like the whole show (well, at least the first hour) was just a mash-up of other, more successful teen dramas.

I imaging the creative meeting behind it went something like this:
Suit: "We need a show that can capitalize on the things that made other shows like this a hit! What have you got for me?"

Pitch guy: "Well, we have this idea for a show that has the overly-mature actors and dialogue of Dawson's Creek, the unbelievable sex, drugs and rock 'n roll plot lines of Gossip Girl and um... a few of the out-of-work actors from 90210 are available!"

Suit: "GREAT! We shoot the pilot on Monday."

I also asked some of my Facebooky friends to leave me 3-word comments on their thoughts on the show and got some interesting results. Misty said, "Not watching it" and Erin said, "9021-no!" Stephanie said, "predictable. Anything else?" while Brennen called it a "Gossip Girl wannabe" and Eric called it, "complete pandering bullshit." Ouch. Literally, there were no good comments.

And after reading critiques from The Boob Tubers and Peacock Mafia I don't think me and my friends are alone in our opinions.

Did you watch the new 90210? What did you think?

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