January 28, 2009

Embarassing Yearbook Photos: 2nd Grade

I'll take "What exactly was the look I was going for?" for 200, Alex.

I might as well have worn a shirt that said GIVE THIS KID A WEDGIE. Seriously... It's like... a white Urkel meets the Golden Girls. The glasses, the turtleneck, the weird cardigan thing. I'm surprised I survived the second grade.

My teacher was Mrs. Yeager who, speaking of Golden Girls, specifically reminded me of a red haired Bea Arthur with glasses. She was a cool older lady. She was my main teacher and then I went over to another classroom for advanced reading (I can't read, it must have been the glasses.) My reading teacher was Mrs. Estep, who was a mean old witch.

When I was in 5th grade, one of my parents' friends' kids found out he was going to have Mrs. Estep for 2nd grade. I told the kid (I think his name was Evan?) that she was a mean old witch, which is what a cool upperclassman would do. About halfway through the next school year I was in the computer lab (probably playing Oregon Trail) and Mrs. Estep's class was there. She approached me and asked me why I had told Evan that she was a mean old witch. She said something to the effect of "Was I really a mean old witch, or did you just like to talk too much?"

Didn't she see I had a lot working against me back then?