February 2, 2009

As Seen On TV: Awesome Commercials

I already posted about my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl last night, but I have to share 2 ads that obviously didn't cost $3 million to air. After watching a marathon of ANTM before the game I saw two of the most awesomely awful commercials I've seen in a while. Please take a look...

The first is for Good Bye Smell, which gets gross smells like fish and onions off of your hands. Sounds like a great product, but the commercial is downright rude! WHAT does the guy say at :25? Get the WHAT out?

The second commercial is for Bump It hair accessories, which will turn any woman's boring and lifeless hair into that of a southern hair dresser or salon receptionist. The red carpet demonstration is absolutely beautiful.

Move over Snuggie and ShamWOW- You've got some competition!

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