February 8, 2009

Live Blogging the 2009 Grammy Awards

Hey everyone! I'm going to be live blogging the 2009 Grammys. Here's the full list of nominees and winners as they are announced.

One note about the pre-show I'm watching on E!- Seacrest needs to use a little bit more tact in these interviews. Asking Jennifer Hudson how her horrific year has been... asking TI what it's like to know you have to go to jail? He also looks like he could use a big glass of water and a nap.

The big show is getting kicked off by U2 performing their new single "Get On Your Boots." Cool use of the giant video screen, but the performance and song aren't particularly great. Let the overly-critical comments begin!

Whitney Houston!!! Ok... you're still a little cray cray. Thanks for not letting me down.

Not to hate on J. Hud, but was her album really that great to earn a Grammy? Also, her dress looks like she has a napkin tucked into the top of it. I'm hateful.

Dropping "The Rock" from your title does not lessen the tool factor, Duane.

Chris Brown is a no-show, and now Justin Timberlake is going to ad lib an intro to an impromptu Al Green performance. Hold on to your butts! Al Green, Timberlake, Boyz II Men and a random Keith Urban in a tribute to Green. Is it just me or all these high notes make me feel like I'm watching the Bee Gees?

Can Simon Baker see through my clothes with those glasses? Sheesh.

I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, but this is a beautiful performance, and you gotta love a good Jay Z cameo. Kinda over "Viva la Vida" though... but it is a good song. Cool ending.

Idunno what it is about Carrie Underwood that turns me off (sorry, Brennen.) This is kind of a hot song though... It's called "Last Name." Not feeling those big Stevie Nicks sleeves, but other than that she's looking good.

Leanne Rimes = Butterhead.

This Sugarland thing is kinda cute. The woman is really cute.

Duffy looks like Bridget from the Girls Next Door. Do we have another Nelly Furtado/Idina Menzel Jessica Alba/Danny Noriega conspiracy?!

Coldplay obviously just won song of the year. Clever shout out to Paul McCartney re: Sergeant Pepper's. Where's GOOPy?

I said this after the last VMAs and the People's Choice Awards, but I was unaware that Kid Rock was still relevant. Good performance though!

IT'S MILEY! AND TAYLOR! Tweens everywhere are going mental (as well as Carolyn.) Most people watching this show are going, "huh?" Can we look at the difference of musically talented Taylor Swift playing guitar while Miley sits awkwardly without her wig. This is actually a pretty cute performance though. These two seem like completely different types of girls, yet somehow they work well together. I don't like how they made them present an award right after performing though... stole their thunder.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won for best duet or whatever. Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown were totally robbed. Should have had Katie and Joshua come out to perform it with them.

Jennifer Hudson had a really nice and teary-eyed performance, although I'm just not that into her. But well done.

The Jonas Brothers are performing "Burning Up" and "Superstition" with Stevie Wonder, which is fairly rad. How long do you think it will take before Nick Jonas realizes that his the brains behind this operation and takes off on his own a la Justin Timberlake? I say it happens soon after the oldest one starts balding, which looks like it could happen in the next few years.

Blink 182 is back! Good or bad idea, discuss.

Craig Ferguson just made me LOL with "...I would have also puked on your shoes and stabbed you."

Katy Perry just came down in a big banana, thereby successfully using up all of the sexual innuendo left on the planet. Loving her performance of "I Kissed a Girl" because she is actually singing and sounds pretty good. Curious as to why she is using a headset mic and not a stick mic. Her dancing is sub par and she kinda looked like Peter Pan with those flats.

Kanye West and Estelle's performance of "American Boy" is cute. She's a great singer. Not feeling his 80s haircut though. Is he nominated tonight? I wanna hear him cry when he doesn't win.

Best New Artist goes to Adele! Yay! You should have spit out the gum, Adele.

Who knew that Morgan Freeman and Kenny Chesney were bros?

Plant and Krauss beat out some big names for Record of the Year. I can't lie, I've never heard their song before.

MIA just got busted lip syncing a rap... several times... but I'll leave her alone as to not induce labor. She should name her baby Grammy. She is walking around like a duck. A hugely-pregnant duck. I give her major props.

The Rap Pack performance is pretty cool. Good concept and mostly-good execution.

This is why the Grammys rule and the VMAs (recently) drool. We go from one big-name collaboration to the next. Paul McCartney with Dave Grohl is cool, and it's good to see Dave behind a drum kit again.

I seriously hope Sugarland (who are adorable) doesn't cheese up Adele like they did Beyonce at the 2007 AMAs. OK, they didn't really do much, but why did they get to just walk in and finish Adele's song with her? Rude.

There you are, GOOP! Lookin' all shiny like a gold disco ball.

This Radiohhead performance is cool, but it does kinda feel like they're going to break into "Hollaback Girl." I have no idea what Thom York is saying.

I bet Samuel L. Jackson has a whole closet full of hats.

This Justin Timberlake and TI performance is pretty tight.

Oh jeez, even the Grammys are all about Obama... and how he is an artist cos he wins Grammys. I love the guy, but let's give it a rest, OK?

Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo joining Smokey Robinson and that other guy to recreate the Four Tops is kinda cool. My dad's dream was always to be in a Motown group. Such a weirdo.

Niel Diamond is the man. You ride this song to the grave, Neil!

*pours one out for the Encore mentions*

This guitar collabo with John Mayer, Keith Urban, B.B.King and that other guy (sorry) was pretty sweet. John Mayer still makes the craziest faces when he plays.

Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke duet. Caitlin must be going nuts. This is a smooth jam. Getting a little sleepy to close the show though... And a New Orleans tribute? Tick tock, Grammys, I think you missed the window of appropriateness on this one.

T-Pain and Will.I.Am are having a crazy hat/jacket/eye wear contest. The jury is still out...

Did anyone else hear someone say "nah, it's gotta be Nas" in some random mic while the Best Rap Album nominees were being announced? Lil Wayne was the winner so that was a tiny be awk.

Zoey Deschanel is a Katy Perry doppelganger! There are a lot of celebs who are two people.

Plant and Krauss performing again. I guess it's good to let them have their day since they've been shafted at every other award show for like the past 2 years. Not a really upbeat or fun way to end the show though, guys.

Green Day are back together/still around, too? Punky pop trios are back in a big way this year, apparently!

Album of the Year goes to... Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. I'm really surprised... like shocked almost. They beat out Coldplay and Lil Wayne? Hmmm. I find that very interesting, but congrats.

That was the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the commentary. Thanks to all who participated w/ comments.

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