March 8, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice: Annoying Like Your Real Job, but You Don't Get Paid

I am generally a fan of Donald Trump's Apprentice, and even enjoyed the first season of Celebrity Apprentice. Unfortunately this second season of the celeb-fest is pretty much unbearable to watch. While the content of the show isn't that different from the original season, it's the 2-hour length per episode that makes me wish someone would fire my eyeballs so I didn't have to watch it anymore.

While the strength of the celebrity version comes from the viewers' enjoyment of watching annoying D-listers attack each other, spreading the action over 2 hours leads to lots of downtime watching the contestants talking about actual work. At least for me, the point of watching television is to be entertained by escaping from the everyday realities like work and meetings, so the last thing I want to watch is stupid celebrities having almost real-time meetings about cupcakes or comic book characters. We sit in meetings all day; We don't want to watch them on TV at night.

I will say that the celebrities on this season of the show are probably the most annoying ever. Praise Jesus (or Trump, I guess) for firing Andrew Dice Clay on season premiere... Now if they could only get rid of Tom Green. What is wrong with that dude?!

I wanted to write more about the Celebrity Apprentice, but my brain seriously wouldn't allow me to use any more brainwaves on this topic. Have you watched Celebrity Apprentice? What do you think?

Celebrity Apprentice airs Sunday nights at 9pm on NBC

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