March 4, 2009

See Me On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Last night I went to the second taping ever of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with my buddies Jacki and Kelly. The show was pretty good, but Jimmy was noticeably nervous... it's only his second show after all, so I'll give him some slack.

I wanted to like him more, but I felt like he just came out and started rattling off jokes without actually connecting or listening to the audience. He was constantly playing with his wedding ring during interviews which read as a nervous tick. Jimmy, you should relax because we were all there because we like you! Also, Late Night's hosue band The Roots were freakin' phenomenal! Such cool cats and the music they played before the show and during commercials was rockin'.

Don't think that I would attend a television show taping without finding some way to get some screen time. During the first block of the show they featured Jacki in a segment about people's Facebook status updates. Here's a screen shot of our debut:

Take a look at the clip of the show. Jacki or "Tanya Smith" pops up at 4:15. Oh ya, Mayor Mike Bloomberg was there, too.

Click here to watch all of last night's episode, which included a hilarious interview with Tina Fey in which she details the origins of the phrase "I want to go to there."

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