April 10, 2009

Is Your Picutre On This Blog?

I admit that I am an offender. If I'm riding the subway and the "Priority Seating for persons with disabilities" seat is open I'll probably sit in it—pending no one with a visible disability in eyeshot is standing. I feel that I'm a fairly decent human being and if I saw someone who was clearly in need of a seat I would get up and let them sit. Apparently, I am in the minority on that subject, which is a good thing, because I hope to never see my face on this blog...

*takes deep breath* PeopleWhoSitInTheDisabilitySeatsWhenImStandingOnMyCrutches.com is authored by a dude who is currently on crutches and found his commute so frustrating that he decided to take snapshots of folks who refused to give up their seat for him. It's like a much-lighter sex offenders list... or something. I particularly enjoy the snarky titles for each post. Here's one of my faves:

Titled "3 Disability Seats Are So Much Better Than 1"

I've only taken one picture of someone on the train before without them knowing (remember ice cream back?) and I can't say that I condone snapping pix of random people without their knowledge, but this is pretty funny. I guess it's for a good cause.

Should these courtesy violators have their mugs blasted on the web? Let me know what you think.