May 27, 2009

"Poster Boy" Reworks Ads Into Urban Art

There are millions of pieces of signage and marketing materials around New York City. There are ads on billboards, buses, subway stations, park benches and even on the sidewalk. In fact, often there is so much media flying around that none of it stands out and it all falls into the background, completely negating the whole point of the ad in the first place.

However, every once in a while I pass by something that catches my attention and makes me do a double take. I've seen a few posters in the subway stations that look almost right, but something about them just sticks out as wrong. Turns out an artist called "poster boy" uses these everyday ads to create unique pieces of art. Some are political, some are funny and some are just plain cool. Take a look at some of poster boy's work that was posted on his Flickr account...

Apparently poster boy uses nothing but a razor and the ad's sticky backing to create his masterpieces. Wanna see how he does it? Check out this quick clip of the artist in action...


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