June 12, 2009

Summer Friday: The World's Newest & Biggest Douche

Every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day I'm going to be featuring "guest bloggers" as a part of my "Summer Fridays" series. This week's post comes from Matthew F. who unfortunately exposes us to someone who is a bigger douche than Spencer Pratt. Read on, if you're not already completely terrified.

For all you New Yorkers who think you reside at the center of the universe – at least in terms of style, art, and all things hip – think again.

Unless you’re an avid Gawker follower, you may not realize that one of the most remarkable talents of our generation is about to burst onto the scene in a huge way. We Philadelphians already know all about God’s gift to the entertainment world: Arthur Kade. If you haven’t heard the name before, remember it. The entertainment industry will be screamin’ it later.

The basics: Arthur Kade is a former corporate stiff who cashed out in the nick of time and is now on “The Journey” to stardom. He spends his time working out, going to acting class, arranging photo shoots for himself, modeling in local fashion shows, and - most importantly - hanging out at only the hippest bars and restaurants on the Philly “Scene,” where he ranks every girl he talks to on his own babe ranking system called the Kade Scale.

Everyone who has spent a little time reading Arthur’s blog is left with the same conundrum: Is this guy for real? My friends and I are engaged in an ongoing debate over whether he’s the world’s biggest douche bag or just the most oblivious and most optimistic man alive. Even Philadelphia Magazine joined in the debate, calling him “the most despised man in cyberspace.” Arthur Kade makes KANYE WEST look humble. He makes Spencer Pratt look like, well, um, a NON-fame whore. He’s been compared to Zoolander, and not in a good way…

Haven’t heard of him? That doesn’t matter, because HE THINKS that you have. And some of us just can’t get enough. Why can’t we get enough, you ask? Two reasons: 1) There is no limit to this guy’s douchiness. Absolutely no limit. 2) The reader comments on his blog are priceless, pure comedy.

Your introduction to Arthur Kade wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share with you some nuggets of wisdom from the man himself:
On being elite: I love that I go to the hottest parties in the city that most normal people will never enjoy, and I ran into fans all night who wanted to meet and talk to me.

On his smoothness with the ladies:
I once dated a girl who was a 9, but with fake boobs would have been a 10, and when I told her to get them she would say “I like my body, if you don’t, then too bad”. I thought it may be a money issue, so I offered to buy them figuring we may date long term, but she refused the offer…

On being bigger than Obama: When you have one of the top magazines in the country do an amazing article on you, then everyone takes notice. The whole world is learning who Arthur Kade is now… As one of my step mom’s friends said, “Even Obama didn’t get 5 pages in Philly Mag”, and now I am beginning to feel like my brand is getting international exposure at the highest levels.

On being better than everyone else: Sometimes I forget how amazing my life is compared to other people. I have become so used to not waiting in lines at clubs, eating at the best restaurants, having girls at my table, and being comped liquor and food, that it has become standard. Even before “The Journey”, I had an ability to make it seem like I was important, and would be treated like an “A” List celebrity.

On being worshiped like Jesus: I ran into an old buddy of mine who has been following “The Journey” and he asked me “How are you able to take the abuse on your site”? I told him, “It doesn’t bother me at all… When even Jesus was alive he was persecuted, and now he is worshipped by millions who understand the impact he had on the world”. I know that with my talent, drive, and looks, I will make a similar impact in the entertainment industry.
Though I’ve tried to give you a glimpse into the amazing celebrity lifestyle of America’s brightest-burning star, Arthur Kade, you’ll have to experience his blog for yourself to fully believe it. And like I said, the reader comments are pure gold. Enjoy!

If you like what you've read you can check out Matthew's blog... and if you'd like to write about something just email me and you might be the next Summer Friday blogger!

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