June 16, 2009

Tabrasa Is a Marker-Lover's Heaven

File this under "sign me up immediately." I heard through the Twitter grapevine about a new product called tabrasa (which I'll assume comes from the Latin "tabula rasa" or blank slate.) Debuting this week at NeoCon, Tabrasa is basically a paint that turns any flat surface into a dry-erase board.

It might seem like a simple idea, but imagine what your office, classroom or kitchen would be like if you could write on everything. Notes to yourself, grocery lists... you could brainstorm anywhere at any time.

Because it's just paint you could go floor-to-ceiling, draw on desk surfaces or create your own boards without any hanging or restrictions of size. When you're finished you can just paint right over it and it's gone! I personally find it amazing, because it would save me from having 500 Post-Its on the wall.

As part of the kick-off of tabrasa, if you send a tweet to @mdctabrasa today they will draw whatever you request and send a twitpic back to you! I asked them to draw my second grade yearbook picture and they did!

Click here to learn more about tabrasa dry-erase board paint and then buy me a bunch and come paint my room for me. kthxbai.

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