July 29, 2009

6 Things: Awesome Music Mash-Ups

I'm all about finding great remixes of songs, but what I find the most enjoyable is when two songs are mashed together and sound better than either original. Sometimes you hear one song over another's beat and it just works. Check out 6 of my favorite mash-ups and enjoy...

Beyonce and Tom Petty (fantastic)

Kelly Clarkson and Coldplay (totally changes the song's feeling)

Britney Spears and Katy Perry (perfect fit)

Spice Girls and Lady Gaga (2 of my faves combined!)

Rick Astley and Nirvana (genius)

Franz Ferdinand and Kelis (rockin' fun)

I've already hear an AWESOME mash-up of Beck's "Loser" with Scissor Sister's "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" but it's not on YouTube. I know there are a ton of other awesome mash-ups out there (like Danger Mouse's Grey Album which mashes Jay Z's Black Album with the Beatles White Album) so please send them my way!