July 20, 2009

Cute Tooth Blog Will Put a Smile On Your Face

There are so many different kind of blogs out there. Some are funny, some are artistic, some are a mixture of the two. I love sharing the interesting ones with you, and I love when you share sites with me. This one sure is interesting...

My Milk Toof is a storytelling picture blog that chronicles the adventures of the blogger's baby teeth that have returned to them years later. I know... stay with me here. It's such a weird and unusual concept, but the photography of the tiny teeth is so unique and adorable.

Sweeping up

Having fun in a tiny turtle sandbox

Toothy tea party

Nestled in bed

The whole site is literally just pictures of really cute little teeth, but if you're having a low point in your day you should check it out and smile :)

[thanks, Maria]