July 28, 2009

What If Twitter Had Always Existed?

It's pretty much a fact that Twitter (I'm @ablogaboutthngs) has revolutionized the way we all communicate on the Web in the short year that it's been around. But what would the world have been like if Twitter had always been around and every figurehead and history-maker was sending their tweets? Sound boring? Think again!

Historical Tweets imaginatively puts the power of micro-blogging into the hands of the people that shaped our world. You might have to brush up on some of your history to get all the jokes, but everyone from Jesus to Andy Samberg is in on the action. Here are a few of my faves:

Historical Tweets have also put together a list of the some of Shakespeare's best lines titled 50 Famous Lines of #Tweetspeare. I particularly enjoy "@Romeo, O @Romeo, why is your username @Romeo?"

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[thanks, Matthew]