September 29, 2009

Missed Connections Turned to Beautiful Art

Reading Craiglist's Missed Connections is probably one of the most voyeuristic things you can do on the web without buying a subscription. If you say you've never looked at them and hoped there was one for you I think you're probably lying.

Sometimes people are really creepy, and sometimes they are truly poetic about that passing moment they had with a potential soul mate. Well, Brooklyn-based artist Sophie Blackall has captured the essence of some of the best Missed Connections in fantastic prints. Check out some of Blackall's imagined scenes from Craigslist...

So beautiful. What a great way to romanticize something that has the potential to be so creepy. You can purchase a print from Blackall's Etsy shop or view more of her art on her blog.

[Photos from Sophie Blackall
thanks, Justin]