October 27, 2009

That's a Deal Breaker!

My Internets were aflutter yesterday with this blog that has apparently caught fire. Perhaps inspired by the "That's a deal breaker, ladies!" sketch from 30 Rock, Deal Breaker brings real life "seriously?"s to the Web. Written by a snappy duo, Deal Breaker shares the many reasons why you absolutely must break up with your boy/girlfriend.

Are any of these deal breakers for you? (click the description for the full breaker info)

You talk like the Internet

You are Lady Gaga

You make me want to listen to Tori Amos

You aren't a real person, just a coat on a coat rack in the dark

I would have to say that beyond the crazy ones my deal breakers would have to be you're cheap, you're always late, you're a bad kisser and you don't own a TV.

What's your biggest deal breaker?