November 13, 2009

Free (and Good!) Music from Urban Outfitters

Have you ever walked into a clothing store and heard great music playing in the background? I can't tell you how many times I've been shopping and thought, "Who sings this?!" Being that I don't have an iPhone and am sans Shazam I'm normally left to ask someone in the store or scour the Web to find the unknown tracks.

Interestingly enough on my last visit to Urban Outfitters they gave me a sleeve of stickers in my bag, which turned out to be the names of the artists featured on their latest FREE music download called LSTN. It's 100% free music from artists that you may know, but probably don't. On the seventh and most recent installment you get free tracks from bands like The Big Pink, Girls, Apache Beat and The XX.

I think part of the big appeal about finding songs recommended by Urban Outfitters is that the music that they play in their stores is both upbeat and relaxing (mostly) at the same time. The tunes are awesome for background noise while you're mind focuses on something else -- like shopping -- and I spent hours last weekend sipping coffee and writing while my iTunes flipped through track after track of undiscovered gems.

You can get all the free tracks (over 100 so far) from Enjoy!