November 6, 2009

The Ru-Mix: Silver Lining

Happy Friday! Here's a new Ru-Mix from Ru to get your weekend started.

Here's another emo mix, similar to "Untouchable" and "Fascination." Highlights on this mix include one of Mariah Carey's best tracks to date, an unreleased Lady Gaga track that showcases her "Quicksand" brilliance was no fluke, one of the best songs of this year--by Natalie Imbruglia nonetheless (Chris Martin co-wrote and dubbed it the best song Coldplay never recorded), a rare Kylie Minogue track (penned by Madonna!), and Frankmusik shows off his lyrical prowess that makes you wish you had your own Superhero to croon to. --Ru

Download it here.

Have a great weekend!