December 28, 2009

Tyra Banks Quits Talk Show

In some surprising Tyra Banks news, the super model turned television personality announced to that she will be ending her talk show, The Tyra Show, in Spring 2010.

"This will be the last season of The Tyra Show," Banks told PEOPLE exclusively. "I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years."  Tyra says she's going to put her energy into a new project, Bankable Studios, which is an NY-based film production company, which will focus on creating roles that enforce positive images of women on the big screen.

Honestly, I'm kind of shocked that TyTy is calling it quits on her talk show.  Remember in Cycle 6 of ANTM (and maybe even in Cycle 2?) when she said her dream was to be a talk show host?  Has she given up on that?  I can't imagine that the ratings are that bad... in fact the show had its highest ratings ever this year.  I know the show catches a lot of flack from bloggers and shows like The Soup, but I find it mostly light-hearted and entertaining.

Could it be the grueling hours it takes to be a talk show host that caused Tyra to quit?  As someone who worked on a talk show before (not hosting, obviously) I can tell you that it's exhausting.  Taping 6 times a week (or more) is taxing not only on the staff, but on the host for sure.  Plus, there is no end in sight for America's Next Top Model, which takes up a lot of Tyra's time, too.  Maybe she's just that "bankable" that she can pull back a little bit?

Good thing I already had a chance to see a taping of The Tyra Show.  Perhaps I'll try to squeeze in another one before it's lights out for good.

What do you think of The Tyra Show ending in 2010?  Leave a comment below!