January 7, 2010

6 Things: Victoria Beckham Music Videos

Long gone are the days when the world remembers Victoria Beckham for her musical prowess. Now she is more known for her pin-thin figure, stylish outfits and stud of a husband, David Beckham. And yes, everyone knows that she was 1/5 of the biggest girl group of all time, but not many people outside of the UK know that she had a go at a solo career post-Spice Girls.

Vicky B. had only did one solo album (each of the other girls had at least 2, with Melanie C having 4) before she decided to put away singing for good (she didn't even do a solo on the Spice Girls tour, she only walked the catwalk). So let's take a look at my 6 fave Victoria Beckham solo videos.

Not Such an Innocent Girl

A Mind of Its Own

Out of Your Mind (True Steppers f. Victoria Beckham)

Let Your Head Go (really funny)

This Groove

OK, so Victoria only has 5 solo videos, so here's a clip from her special that should have been a series Victoria Beckham: Coming to America

Do you think Victoria could ever make it back to music, or should she stick to fashion/scowling?