March 12, 2010

Beyonce Gets the Lady Gaga Treatment in "Telephone" Video

Last night was the world premiere of the music video for Lady Gaga's latest single "Telephone" featuring Beyonce.

In the nearly 10 minute clip we see Gaga pick up where the "Paparazzi" video left off as she's sent to prison. Don't worry though, her buddy Bey is there to spring her out before getting some revenge of her own. Check it out!

I have to say that the world hasn't really been excited for a music video in quite some time. I think the clip was fun, exciting, provocative and really pretty. Love the bright colors and stuttering edits. I particularly enjoyed watching Beyonce put some Gaga into her moves, just like Gaga channeled Bey in the "Videophone" video.

What'd you think of the "Telephone" video?