March 24, 2010

'Fly Girls' Is like 'The Hills' but on Planes... Sometimes

The CW is jumping on the reality show tarmac with the new series Fly Girls, premiering tonight at 9pm. The show follows five Virgin America flight attendants -- or air hostesses as they call themselves -- as they live together, work together and fly together.

Fly Girls: Tasha, Louise, Mandalay, Nikole and Farrah

The premise sounds pretty fun, but the show itself was more annoying than a checked bag fee. While the whole series surrounds air travel there are minimal scenes in the air (if they were in the air at all.) I guess I was expecting more in-flight action like on A&E's show Airline, but what I got was a bunch of staged dramatic scenes a-la The Hills or The City. The shots were pretty, and so are the girls but with so many awesome reality shows out there (Hoarders, anyone?!) I just can't see this one taking off. Check out the promo...

Maybe Fly Girls will find its wings while being wedged between America's Next Top Model and High Society, but it seems more likely that it will quickly be grounded. Fly Girls premieres tonight at 9pm on The CW.