March 10, 2010

'High Society' Proves that Terrible People Are Fun to Watch

Tonight is the premiere episode of The CW's latest show High Society, which features a real-life group of NYC socialites (or "socials" as they call themselves) and the insane drama that surrounds them. At the center of the madness is socialite Tinsley Mortimer.

Ms. Mortimer has a long and semi-interesting back story that you can read here if you feel like it, but let's get down to the show itself. Comprised of a cast of well-off, bratty and spoiled young adults -- and I'm talking mid-20s to early 30s -- the reality drama follows them into their elite world of privilege and excess. Does this plot line seem familiar to you? Check out a sneak peek of the show:

You can think of High Society of mix of Gossip Girl, Real Housewives and NYC Prep. The closest match being a good blend of the extravagant shenanigans of Gossip Girl combined with the real-life wealth of Bravo's gross NYC Prep. The thing with GG is that the cast does some insane things, but then you realize that these kids are supposed to be in high school (well, now college) and could in no way attend the late-night parties and sex orgies (I think that happened once) of an adult. And with NYC Prep you had actual insufferable teenagers who really didn't do anything that wild and crazy. Guess what? High Society has REAL adults who act like teenagers! Perfection.

The whole show basically boils down to the terribleness of its cast members. The worst being the rude, racist and -- frankly -- average-looking Jules Kirby who could be the most heinous bitch ever on television.

Kirby is a total bitch, and not in the fun "Oh, Blair Waldorf is such a bitch!" kind of way. She is a mean, vile, condescending scumbag of a gal. After seeing the first two episodes I already know that I don't love to hate her, I just hate her. And you will, too.

High Society
airs Wednesday nights at 9:30pm for the next two weeks, then moves to its normal time of 9pm following America's Next Top Model on The CW. Will you tune in?