March 9, 2010

Need An Airsick Bag? The World's 18 Strangest Airports

I have a feeling that if you are not the world's calmest flier (Carolyn, I'm lookin' at you!) you may want to check out this gallery by Popular Mechanics before your next flight. The site features the world's 18 strangest airports, including some on man-made islands, one that doubles as a major highway, and this one pictured below:

worlds strangest airports

That is Princess Juliana International Airport in Simpson Bay, Saint Maarten, where casual sunbathers are doused with jet fumes every few minutes. The landings don't pose much of a threat to the beach goers, but they have been known to blow over semi trucks passing on the road just short of the runway. Check out a clip of some now-deaf tourists capturing a landing in progress.

How's that for some home movies? Click here to see the full list of strange airports.