March 25, 2010

Sweet iPhone App: Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search

I recently bought myself an iPhone so I could be one of the cool kids, and am currently still wading my way through the sea of applications to see which ones are best for me. Some are fun, some are stupid, and some are actually very useful.

Yesterday I downloaded a new app from Yahoo! called Sketch-a-Search. The name had me a little puzzled as to its function, but I decided to give it a whirl. Lemme tell you -- This app is sweet! I think people living in urban areas will find it particularly handy, but it's super useful to everyone.

Have you ever been searching for a new place to eat in your area, but all you can do is search within a particular part of town or within an X-mile radius of your home? Ya, not always super helpful. What Sketch-a-Search does is allow you to actually DRAW a spot on the map where you want to go. Cool, right? There have been many times where I only want to go in a certain block range or on one particular street and Sketch-a-Search lets me look at places only where I want to go. Let me walk you through it...

When you open the app it uses GPS to find your location, or you can look elsewhere. Once you find the 'hood you want you click the green ball and draw your area of interest on the map.

Sketch-a-Search then populates your sketch with yummy restaurants you may want to visit. You can draw a circle, square or even just a straight line to target your dining options.

Once Sketch-a-Search finds places nearby you can view the names and see the addresses and ratings. If you're in the mood for a specific type of food or ambiance you can even switch on the filters to narrow your search.

Cool right? You can download the Sketch-a-Search from Yahoo! on your phone or at the iTunes store. And the best news of all: IT'S FREE!

Do you have a cool app I should know about? Leave a comment!