April 1, 2010

Vegetarians, Beware! The Web Just Got Bacon-ier!

A recent study shows that eating bacon can improve your memory, which may explain why I have the most amazing memory IN THE WORLD! Or clogged arteries... whatever.

Perhaps this same memory-boosting magic will also work on the world wide web with this site: Baconlicio.us. All you have to do is put your favorite site's URL after the Baconlicio.us link and your site will forever be bacon-ified!

This site looks so beautiful with a big slab of bacon on top of it. And I couldn't help but be totally rude and bacon-ify a vegetarian website.

I'm the worst.

In other bacon-related news I also recently acquired these delicious looking (not tasting) bacon magnets from the Design Dude.

I love bacon.