May 14, 2010

Product Placement: Lather, Rinse, Refresh

Because A Blog About Things (and the Internet in general) is all about sharing things that I find interesting and fun I'm going to start sharing some products and items that I find particularly enjoyable from time to time. These are some of things I'm digging at the moment.

edge ultra sensitive shaving cream

Edge Ultra Sensitive Shaving Cream with Oatmeal
I'm very picky with my shaving cream choices and like to try a new one each time my cream runs out, but I might have to stick with Edge Ultra Sensitive with oatmeal. It's cool and calming and I get a really close shave without irritation. What more can you ask for?
Edge Ultra Sensitive Shaving Cream retails for $3.59 on

Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner*
I probably change shampoos just as much as I change shaving creams, but I'm really digging my current rinse/repeat experience with Suave's new brand of professionals. The almond and shea butter formula makes my hair feel great and smells really good. Plus they are super affordable! Suave Professionals retail for $1.92 on

Colgate Wisp Plus Whitening*
I am obsessed with Colgate Wisps. Ask anyone in my office, I normally have one hanging out of my craw at all times. These little portable tooth brushes are super convenient for after-meal brushing or for a quick refresher before a meeting or date. The best part is that you don't need water! The little bead of freshener does all the work and you can just toss it when you're done. Great flavors for all tastes. Colgate Wisps retail for $2.45 on

*Full disclosure: Suave and Colgate sent me complimentary samples of their products, but I wouldn't write about them unless I loved them!