July 7, 2010

Domino's Pizza Proves Its Pies Aren't Perfect

Man, I love pizza, and I am well aware that the ooey, gooey slices I see on television commercials are never what actually shows up delivered to my door. Apparently some people are not so pizza savvy, so to clear up any confusion the folks at Domino's Pizza have produced a behind-the-scenes look at just how they make those perfect pies on TV.

Domino's Pizza Pulling the Cheese

From the Yahoo! Buzz Log:
"You know those beautiful, sizzling pizzas on TV, with the perfectly placed pepperoni and the symmetrically melted cheese? Fake. The golden crust? Fake. All of it: fake, fake, fake. As reported by the blog Gawker, the behind-the-scenes commercial shows the multitudes of people with titles like "key grip" and un-food-like tools like tweezers that it takes to style the food for its closeup."
Check out the video:

I find the whole idea of food styling to be fascination, but the hottest piece of this video was Margaret, the professional hand model. Listening to her describe how to do the "perfect cheese pull" is magical.