August 19, 2010

My SunChips Video on NBC's 'Today Show'

Last December I made a quick video about the new biodegradable -- but extremely loud -- SunChips packaging. The new bags are great for the planet but impossibly annoying because their loud crinkling sound is nearly deafening.

I watch the Today Show every morning, so when I heard they were doing a segment about the loud bags I wanted to see what they had to say. Lo and behold, the show pulled some YouTube clips to show how people everywhere are annoyed with the SunChips bags, and one of them was mine!

Check out the clip from the Today Show. I pop up about 30 seconds in.

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Here's the full video I made in December 2009...

I love SunChips, so hopefully they'll keep the earth-friendly bags and ditch the noise pollution.