September 17, 2010

Ben Affleck’s Boston is Rocked by 'The Town'

By Billy Nastyn, guest writer

The Town Movie PosterOne small neighborhood in Boston has managed to produce the most bank and armored car heists in America. Charlestown has been placed in the spotlight in Ben Affleck’s The Town along with some of the most intelligent robbery scenarios (nuns toting guns, anyone?) that would put Bonnie and Clyde to shame.

Wannabe good-guy, Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) and his high crime buddy, Jem (Jeremy Renner), are part of a crew of bank robbers that have perfected the play-by-play of each and every job. When the unpredictable and trigger happy Jem takes bank manager Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) hostage during their most recent heist, he doesn’t realize what he’s put into motion; a romance between a robber and his clueless hostage.

The Town really perfected the balance of two different genres. One part action flick full of high-speed car chases, explosions, and massive guns blended perfectly with some nice-to-meet-you, let’s-get-dinner-and-maybe-she’ll-never-know-that-I-was-the-guy-who-traumatized-her romantic/sometimes-comedy. It sounds like a lot, but it was thrilling to watch the planning of each robbery, while Doug tries to escape his lifestyle to be with Claire.

Not to mention, half of the cast is basically the Fall TV lineup. Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) plays a drug loving baby mama with an illegitimate child and apparently hung out at townie bars in Charlestown for research. Serena definitely hit this role on the head. Jon Hamm (Mad Men) is with the Feds and in charge of getting these boys behind bars. He’ll always be Dr. Drew Baird. There’s even some post Lost finale time to spend with Smokey, since Titus Welliver is working with the FBI on the case.

The Town was just plain awesome. It’s packed with all the action you can ask for and this great cast makes a gang of bank robbers relatable even when you want to hate them. Check out the trailer here:

The Town is in theaters now