October 15, 2010

JetBlue Premieres New Viral Marketing Campaign

To promote their new marketing campaign called "You Above All" the increasingly awesome JetBlue airlines have produced a new videos series to highlight the outrageous antics airlines (well, airlines other than JetBlue) pull on their customers.

Check out these "Ground Rules" videos which highlight how ridiculous certain airlines' restrictions can be when applied to life on the ground.

New Yorkers are used to small spaces but this is ridiculous! Watch what happens when the ground rules change.

It’s amazing how much trouble a measly half-can of soda can cause

New Yorkers can be tough. Add extra fees to their cab rides, and you’ll find out.

It’s true, people hate making unnecessary stops. A lot. Watch what happens when the ground rules change.

Funny, right? What do you think of the viral videos?