October 1, 2010

What Does Your Workspace Say About You?

Yesterday I had a glorious day of working from home and posted this photo to my Twitter of my makeshift workspace setup.

It was a comfy day of working at my own, efficient pace while maybe taking a break or two on the couch instead of the office break room. In the past I've posted photos of my old work-from-home station, my desk at work (which I don't sit at anymore. New post?) and my old desk at 30 Rock with labels. I had a great guest post about working from home and even a poll to see which work place writing utensil was preferred and one about how much I love Post-It Notes.

Work place set ups might not seem like the most exciting topic around (although these home office setups are pretty rad), but all of us sit at some kind of desk all day and I love seeing how other people make use of their space, so I was excited to see this segment from NBC's Today show. In an attempt to get inspiration for her new office Jenna Wolfe takes a visit to Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann's offices to see how they're set up. Check it out...

Is anyone else sweating Matt Lauer's office like I am? As someone who is a bit of an organization freak myself I love his clean and simple layout. Now if only I could get that corner office...

What do you do to personalize your workspace? Leave a comment!