December 19, 2010

The Men of 'Survivor: Nicaragua' -Before and After

Tonight is the season finale of Survivor: Nicaragua and I couldn't be more excited. Not necessarily to see who wins, but to see the 20 contestants together again. After 40 days in seclusion the survivors can look pretty rough, so I'm always intrigued to see what they look like at the reunion special and finale.

So, in preparation for tonight take a look at some of the men of Survivor: Nicaragua when they entered the show and what they looked like at the end. Click to enlarge.

Judson "Fabio" Birza

Chase Rice

Matthew "Sash" Lenahan

Ben "Benry" Henry

And just for good measure here are fan favorites Holly Hoffman's and Jane Bright's before and after.

It looks like the Survivor diet works better on some contestants than others.

Who do you think will win tonight? And more importantly, who do you wish you could watch walk around shirtless forever? Leave a comment!