January 13, 2011

Animate Yourself and Rock Out with SonicMaster Music Box [Sponsored Post]

With the success of viral e-cards like Elf Yourself and Monster Mash, it has become so easy to share customizable videos around the holidays. The lack of ones you’d like to make on a random day in January has come to an end!

ASUS has been promoting their new SonicMaster laptop which has revolutionized audio on what used to be those hard-to-hear bassless speakers. What better way to test it out than to use the SonicMaster Music Box, which throws your face on a rockin’ assortment of musical avatars and records your voice while they shimmy on stage!

Just like the ones you’ve used in the past, it’s quick and easy. First decide who you want to be rockin’ out as. There are quite a few options ranging from an orchestra conductor, an indie/punk type, and even a Lady Gaga look alike (you can be one of her little monsters!) Upload a front-view facial photo that really catches the spirit of your video. The best part comes next when you record your own voice to leave a spoken or even musical message to whoever is receiving it.

Whether it’s being sent to your mom, boyfriend, or thousands of adoring fans they’ll be wanting to make their own soon after. After filling out your name and a personal message, you just need to sign up with your name and e-mail. From there you can be share with the world!

You can try out the SonicMaster Music Box here.

The post is sponsored by ASUS