January 7, 2011

Fast, Affordable and Fun: Soap.com Delivers!

Living in New York City poses many a logistical problem from time to time, especially when it comes to grocery shopping and purchasing household items. It's not the lack of availability of stores, but the lack of transportation (most of us don't have cars) and lack of storage space (most of us live in small apartments) that make it difficult to stockpile affordably priced stuff. Lack of storage space means making many, many trips to the store which is -- let's be honest -- not always fun.

As aggravating as constantly running errands may be, I have always hesitated to use online sites like Fresh Direct (I prefer to touch and feel my foods), but when friends told me aboutSoap.com I decided to give it a try. Soap.com offers household and personal products that you can purchase online and have shipped to your home. I put in my order last weekend and received my stuff a day later.

My Delivery from Soap.com

I was in desperate need of some essentials like dish washing liquid, shaving cream and kitchen cleaner, and Soap made it very easy for me to scope out the products I needed. Not only is the site design clean (fitting for Soap.com, no?) but the selection of products were great.

Selection aside, the best thing about Soap.com were the prices. In all honesty, I'll say straight up that the prices on Soap were not astronomically cheap, so I wouldn't recommend it for those looking to save big bucks on their home goods. But if you're a city dweller like me you'll find that the cost of products are definitely cheaper than Duane Reade or Rite Aid; saving you a few dollars and the hassle of lugging bags home all the time. Plus, I had a friend give their referral code (thanks, Jacob!) so I saved 15% off of my huge order.

I'd definitely encourage you urbanites to visit Soap.com to check out the selection. And if you place an order make sure to use the code PATR8721 at checkout for 15% off your first order (and I'll get something, too!)

Have you used Soap.com or other online shopping sites? I'd love to hear what you think. Leave a comment!