March 15, 2011

New SunChips Packaging Good for Planet, Now Your Ears!

If you've been following this site for the last year or so you know that I've had an unusual amount of posts about SunChips and their new compostable packaging. In December of 2009 I made this video questioning why the SunChips bags were suddenly so loud. In August 2010 the video was aired on NBC's Today show as part of a segment about the amount of noise the bags produced, and then in October of 2010 Frito-Lay announced they were going back to the drawing board with the bags because of consumer complaints (and dropping sales.)

Now SunChips has redesigned the planet-friendly bags to made them ear-friendly, too. The coolest part of the whole thing? The fine folks at Frito-Lay reached out to me and asked me to make another video comparing their old and loud bags with the new ones! Check it out:

The SunChips were provided to me for free, but nothing I'm saying about them is influenced by that. Here's some additional info if you're curious:

The new 100% compostable bag is about 2 times quieter than the first generation SunChips compostable bag. While there will not be a visual difference in the packaging graphics, consumers will easily hear the difference when bags reach their market.

The compostable bag is constructed in three layers; an outer layer that has the SunChips logo and picture on it, an inner layer that surrounds the chips inside the bag and an adhesive layer in the middle that keeps the outer and inner layers together. The adhesive layer reduces sound vibrations like shock absorbers reduce mechanical vibrations in a car, making for a quieter ride (and snacking!)

The SunChips folks are urging consumers to continue to provide feedback on the compostable bag on the SunChips Facebook page or by calling 1-800-352-4477.

What started out as a silly and quick YouTube video has become part of a larger Web meme, influenced a corporations production of its product and scored me some free chips! Internet win!