April 13, 2011

Perfect Your Man Coif with L'Oreal Homme Mat Pomade

While men's beauty products may take up less room in the medicine cabinet, they are no less important to us than to our female counterparts. In fact, most men are fiercely loyal to their favorite brands. I, for one, am particularly picky about my hair products. And even though most men's pomades and styling creams appear to be very similar, any guy can tell you that his specific brand of choice is the best (at least for him.)

Our beauty editor at my office recently slipped me a sample of L'Oreal Homme Mat pomade and I was immediately hooked.

As someone with thick, now-longer hair, I was having trouble finding a product that could tame my mane without making it too stiff or crunchy. The L'Oreal pomade did exactly what I needed it to. It keeps my hair pushed back and in place, but it somehow stays movable and soft. The best part is that my hair stays looking clean and isn't too shiny.

Basically, the product recreates the look of unwashed hair (which gives you the best styling options) but it doesn't look like you need a shower.

When my supply ran out I immediately had to order some more -- two more tubes! The price may not be on par with drugstore brands (About $18 a pop), but it's well worth the cost for someone like me who is sometimes overly obsessive about my 'do.