June 14, 2011

Kids React to Lady Gaga

I seriously want to be friends with all of the kids in the Kids React to Viral Videos series. They're so opinionated and funny!

Take a look at one of the latest clips of kids from ages six to 14 watching Lady Gaga on The Late Show with David Letterman and listen to their honest reacts to what they just watched.

I love listening to the kids' gut reactions to Gaga, her music and her antics. I love that they all seem to actually like her, but be mostly aware of her "gimmicks" as they say. Plus, can you spot the one little boy that is just a little too informed about Lady Gaga and her career? I have a feeling that I may see him out a bar one day... if you know what I mean.

But clearly the star of the show is the kid named Royel, who couldn't say anything but "Lady Gaga has some huge eyes."

Good reaction, kid.