June 22, 2011

Watch the Video for "I Wanna Go" by Britney Spears

Britney Spears has just released the video for the third single off her Femme Fatale album called "I Wanna Go." The song is a fan favorite and is (hopefully) going to be one of the contenders for "song of the summer 2011" because there is definitely a shortage of jams at the moment.

Check out the clip of Brit Brit telling people to eff off during a press conference, flashing cops, beating down robot paparazzi and riding away into the sunset with a milk-loving bear.

This video makes absolutely no sense to me, but I still kind of like it. Although Britney's not doing a very good job at selling her "I'm gonna be naughty" antics, at least she appears to have fun while doing it. Plus, I find it interesting that the clip starts out with Britney reference the famous "F*ck you, you're cool, I'm out" line from Half-Baked. Maybe Ms. Spears is a fan of stoner flicks. Would anyone be that surprised?

Overall, I kinda feel like Britney may not understand any of the puns, jokes and references that are flying around her in the video, but at least she's smiling and moving around a little bit, so what else can we ask for?

What did you think of the "I Wanna Go" video? Leave a comment!