July 22, 2011

200 Things Grace Helbig Learned from the Internet

One of my favorite YouTubers of all time is Grace Helbig of DailyGrace, who posts a new video every day about topcs ranging from anything to everything. She's made clips about beauty and style tips, random observations on society and even interviewed other YouTubers (check out Pat and Carolyn's cameo!)

To celebrate the upload of her 200th daily video (you go, girl!) Grace shared the 200 things that she has learned from the Web. Enjoy!

Some of my personal favorites are:
#20 - People only look at their own face when they video chat
#23 - It's not a viral video, it's an ad campaign
#99 - Why don't keyboards have a .com button?
#113 - Just because you use Instagram doesn't mean you're a real photographer
#121 - Lindsay Lohan is so sad
What have you learned from the Internet? Leave a comment!