July 29, 2011

Kids React to the eHarmony Cat Lover

Again, I have to say that "Kids React To..." is one of my favorite video series, and I'm actually really mad at myself or not coming up with the idea myself!

In the latest edition, kids give their very honest opinions to the cat-loving girl's eHarmony video bio. Check it out:

Obviously my favorite girl, 6-year-old Morgan, gave the best line, "For God's sake! No one would cry about cats!"

Beyond the clear crazy cat lady comments, the kids all had interesting opinions on what online dating really means. They give such gems as "It's a site where a bunch of creeps go to meet each other." People only online date because "They're too lazy." And several of the kids said people who look for online are "desperate.' Ya, give it a few years, kiddos.

My favorite line was from 11-year-old Everhet. When asked "What could she have done to make a better video?" He said, "She could have not talked about cats!" Indeed, Everhet.