October 24, 2011

Ellen Sends Her Reporter Amy (and Her Mom!) to Another Haunted House

Last month I shared the video of Amy Rhodes -- who plays the roving reporter on The Ellen DeGeneres Show -- getting the living crap scared out of her in a haunted house. She screams at everything in sight, and even things that are out of sight, while telling the ghouls and goblins that they're "so rude" and to quit scaring her even though she "knows they're getting paid."

This year Ellen sent Amy back to another haunted house -- actually, a haunted cruise ship -- as part of her sponsorship with the deals site Groupon. But, Amy wasn't alone this time! She was joined by her also easily startled mother, Mary Kay. Watch their adventure now:

Despite the in-your-face advertisements for Groupon I can't get enough of Amy getting scared of things. I mean, who else would use their own mother as a human shield?

Amy and Ellen's receptionist Jeannie were also sent "dining in the dark" where they enjoyed a meal at a restaurant in complete pitch black darkness.

I hate scary movies and haunted houses, so I'd probably act the same way. What did you think of the clip? Leave a comment!