December 14, 2011

What Do Other People's Key Chain's Look Like?

I live in New York City, which means I don't have a car, so my key ring is pretty bare. On it I have my apartment keys (front door, deadbolt and door knob), my mailbox key and the key to my filing cabinet at work. I keep my keys in my pocket most of the time so I don't even have any decorative ornaments or flair. Just a ring and some keys. Here:

The last time I was back home visiting my family I asked my mom for her car keys. She handed me a five-pound handful of keys, discount cards, car alarm remotes and doo-dads, which I quickly returned to her after removing just the ignition key for myself. The janitor-like collection of keys had me wondering, "What do other people's key chains look like? What do they keep on them? And does it differ from place to place?"

So, I put out a request to have my Twitter followers tweet me pictures of their keys so we could all take a look. From the photos you'll see everyone's unique chain, their Twitter name, where they reside (if it's public) and their interesting choice of surface area to take the picture.

See all of the key chain photos after the jump:

I can see that I am in the minority of minimalist key chains, but assuming that's because I don't have a car, and I'm a boy who doesn't have a purse in which to carry my massive key and trinket collection.

Thanks to everyone who tweeted me their key rings! What does yours look like? Tweet me a photo!