August 26, 2008

From So You Think You Can Dance to Dancing with the Stars

Although I am a fan of dancing and dance-related television, I have never been a big fan of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. I will admit that I do enjoy finding out which "stars" will be joining the cast with each new season, and this time I was even more excited to hear about the news surrounding a new professional dancer.

Lacey Schwimmer, who was in the top 4 of season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance, will join the cast as one of the dance pros, and will be paired up with former boy bander Lance Bass.

I was surprised to hear that Lacey was added as one of the pros, even though she is a champion dancer. I think most people's attention tends to fall on the "stars" and not the "professionals" during the routines, so will it be distracting to have Lacey in a non-starring role? Or will it benefit her and Bass because all of the disgruntled SYTYCD fans who will make it their life's work to ensure she wins this show since she was so obviously robbed of the title of America's Favorite Dancer last year???!!! Hmmm... maybe that's just me.

So what do you think of the news? Were you excited as me? I think this is the only time I've ever been excited for DWTS, besides when I found out Mel B was in the cast.

The full cast includes:
Kim Kardashian
Lance Bass
Toni Braxton
Brooke Burke
Maurice Green
Cody Linley
Susan Lucci
Warren Sapp
Misty May-Treanor
Ted McGinley
Rocco DiSpirito
Cloris Leachman
Jeff Ross
Ya, you might have to google a few of those to figure out who they are. If you're still interested, here's more details on the other cast members from The three-night (yes, 3) premiere of DWTS begins on Monday September 22.

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