August 25, 2008

Gideon the Cat

This YouTube gem came my way via babes Kara and Marlena (watch their YouTube vids here) and is so giggle-inducing that you might not want to watch at work. This clip comes from a family who attended one of those character meals at Disney World. They were video taping a few of the characters from Pinocchio dancing with the children and having fun, but Gideon the cat totally steals the show.

Not sure if the person inside the cat suit was some club drug-laced cast-off from the Jersey shore or a dedicated Disney cast member determined to make you remember the oft-forgotten cat. Either way, the clip is comedy gold.

So, after watching the clip a few hundred times I'd like to suggest you re-watch it with the following notes:
  1. Why is Cascada being played at a Disney function? Shouldn't these characters be dancing to songs like "Under the Sea" and "Hakuna Matata"?
  2. The fist pumping around :25 is just fantastic
  3. Please watch the reaction of the wolf character around :38 when he finally gets a glimpse of Gideon.
  4. The highly-inappropriate motions at :52
  5. The final cape work and pose at the end
Please tell me you had the same reaction that I did when you watched. Also, if you like these clips, be sure to watch the related videos on the clip, especially "Ms. Pots Takes a Dive."

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