August 13, 2008

OfficeMax Penny Pranks

The school year is about to come back into full swing for those suckers unfortunate enough to still be in school, and the onslaught of deals and sales is bigger than ever. OfficeMax is running a new viral campaign via TV and YouTube with their "penny pranks." Basically this jerk goes around and tries to buy all kinds of things using only pennies. The videos go along with OfficeMax's idea to "go back to school for pennies", where certain products like crayons and rulers only cost 1 cent.

This guy does have a good point: Pennies are money and we should be able to spend them as we please. Even so, if he ever tried to pay for anything I was selling in pennies I'd probably punch him in the face. Check out some of the clips, or watch them all here.

Jewelry Store

Hot Dog Vendor

Used Car Lot

New York Deli


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