April 26, 2011

Create Digital Sand Art with "This Is Sand"

Sometimes I think I should rename this blog "A Blog About Things That Will Get You Fired" because I come across some of the most addicting and time-consuming sites on the web. I love sharing games and quizzes with my readers (especially ones that drive me crazy), but I just found another one that lets your create your very own sand art! Remember sand art?!

ThisIsSand.com turns your computer screen into your very own fancy glass jar so you can let your creative sand imagination run wild! Check out some of the user-create pieces:

I'm sorry if you had a seizure while viewing these. I couldn't post my own art because it takes 5 million years to actually finish a piece, so you should be impressed with these people who actually had the time and devotion to complete one!

Reader Jae has sent me his creation! Check it out:

Click here to send me yours!

Sorry if you get fired for spending all day on sand art!