January 21, 2009

Embarassing Yearbook Photos: 1st Grade

Here's my yearbook photo from 1st grade. The year was 1989, marking the premiere of the closed-lip smile, which will stick around until 6th grade.

Firstly- Look at that face. Mom, why wasn't I ever a child model???? You missed out on this cash cow. Secondly- What is that sweat top I'm wearing, and how can I get my hands on an adult-sized one? That neon patchwork is stylin'.

My first grade teacher was Mrs. Cadman. I can't remember exactly what she looked like, but I remember her being a cool teacher. I think she had curly hair. There aren't many memories that stick out in my head about first grade. Well, maybe one.

I was a chatty kid (Who? Me? Never!) and I regularly got in trouble for talking too much. Mrs. Cadman eventually resorted to writing marks with a felt tipped pen on my hand every day to let my mom know if I had a good or bad day. She would write a plus sign if I had a good day, or a check mark if I had a bad day. Sometimes I would get a check plus, which I guess meant a good bad day? I'm not exactly sure.