January 22, 2009

Pet Peeve: Strollers and the Parents Who Push Them

Dear parents of children who are unable to walk on their own- Stay at home. When you push your kid around in a stroller everyone hates you. Especially me.

Ok, I guess this stroller hatred doesn't apply to places were strollers are acceptable, like around neighborhoods, parks and other wide-open places, but when it's rush hour and I can't get out of the subway because your stroller is blocking the doorway it makes me think some pretty terrible things.

Also, did you know that there are signs that say "Please collapse your stroller before boarding the train?" I bet you didn't. WELL THERE ARE.

The worst is when the baby isn't even in the stroller! It's just a childless obstruction for everyone else who is obeying the rules of humanity.

This non-stroller rule also goes for crowded streets, malls, department stores, busses and basically anywhere that is not meant for babies. Just leave 'em at home, OK?